Online Ordering is now live...

At SneakyEats Co there is an abundance of ideas to grow our menu and services but first, a clear communication and transaction platform will make all the difference in useability

All of which takes time and resources... So we ask you to get started with us, while we set up and grow. You can expect us to continue to do mini launches of specials, menu changes, and new products for you to enjoy! In the near future, we will be offering you discounts and coupons making our meals even more appetizing to your wallet and belly...

Online website Ordering We're Going Live with First Orders by 1st December 2021

Behind the scenes, we are planning a mini food revolution with our little Geo Centric Business, where the majority of our products are sourced and grown by our community. We then prepare the weekly meals fresh just for you.

and Coming Soon...

Mobile Ordering App

We are setting up a comprehensive business management system to help us run and deliver the Best Quality Customer Experience & Ease. With this, our new App will make your ordering and scheduling fit your busy life without bombarding your email. enjoy your own scheduled notifications and set up your weekly meal planning at a push of a button.

We aim to provide easy

communication and transactions

Yes, SneakyEats is up and running, ready to take your meal orders today

“We only produce limited volumes of meals.

So if you don't want to miss out on our scrumptious Weekly Meals"

— From Team SneakyEats

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